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2014 Loyal Knight
Cierra Kaler-Jones

Mike Stickle

We awarded our second Loyal Knight Award to Cierra Kaler-Jones of the dance team. In addition to the trophy, she will be awarded a $500 scholarship. The Loyal Knight Award is chosen by the Executive Board of the Rutgers University Spirit Program Letterwinners Association based on commitment to their team and to the University.

After reviewing four resumes, Cierra was the unanimous choice as this year's recipient. Here is her impressive resume.

Here's a note from Cierra:
I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have received the 2014 Loyal Knight award by the prestigious alumni of the Rutgers University Spirit Program. Through the past three years, I have fallen in love with the Rutgers University community and all of the opportunities being a part of this program has blessed me with. Being a student at Rutgers University has allowed me to travel the world presenting research, be exposed to the beauty and diversity of this country, and has given me the sense of agency and entitlement that I carry with me in the search for a future career. Being a member of the spirit program has given me the chance to represent something so much larger than myself and be able to do what my heart and soul calls me to do, while sharing that passion with others. I can't thank you enough for giving me this great honor amongst my highly qualified peers. In being the recipient of so many positive experiences from both the spirit program and the greater Rutgers community, there is nothing more I can do than to give back and pay it forward so that others can reap those same benefits. Again, thank you so much for your generosity!

Funds for this scholarship are raised through various events throughout the year, including the annual banquet and through donations.