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An Update on the 2014-15 Rutgers Spirit Program

Mike Stickle

It is with great pRide that we have been such a large part of our first B1G season! For those of you who were fortunate enough to attend our first victory against Howard University, our first Big Ten game against Penn State University, and our first Big Ten VICTORY against the University of Michigan, you were able to see that with new team members, new vibrant uniforms, and new and exciting game day material for our fans, the Rutgers University Spirit Program just made the B1G a little biggeR!

Coed Cheerleaders at camp in Scranton, PA

The Rutgers cheerleading and dance team have embraced the transition into the Big Ten, working diligently over the summer to make sure that your game day entertainment is the best that it can possibly be. In addition to long hours of practice, sometimes twice or even three times a day, both squads attended UCA/UDA college camp to enhance our game day material. We also chose to divide and conquer the country to really get that block R exposure.

Rutgers Dance Team at UDA Camp in Tuscaloosa, AL.

The dance team headed down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to attend the UDA College Camp at the University of Alabama in July. Typically, it is attended by a large representation of southern schools that finish high in the rankings of national finalists every year at UDA College Nationals, such as the University of Memphis, Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and many other talented programs. We are fortunate as a university that our dance team can represent the NorthBeast down south and get that block R exposure out there. At the end of camp, the dance team finished with 2nd place in home routine. They are excited to not only show off all of their hard work at the upcoming games, but also to prepare for 2015 UDA Nationals in the Pom and Jazz divisions.

All Girl Cheerleaders at camp in Scranton, PA

The coed and all-girl cheerleading teams took on the UCA College Camp at the University of Scranton in August. The cheerleaders have made it a tradition to attend this college camp because we enjoy supporting our Northeast Alliance teams, such as Hofstra University, University of Delaware, Wilmington University, Villanova University, The College of New Jersey, and more. Both squads made their time before and during camp worth all of the work when the coed team took home 1st place in sideline, 2nd place in cheer, and 1st place overall in Large Coed 1A, and the all-girl team took home 1st place in crowd cheer, 1st place traditional fight song, and 2nd place overall in the All-Girl 1A division. For the first time, the entire Rutgers cheerleading program took home the Leadership Award, which meant that both teams exemplified leadership and carried themselves as role models throughout the week at camp. This was definitely our favorite award, and started our year off on a great note!

While the entire Rutgers Spirit Program has put a lot of work into improving our skills and game day entertainment, we hope that you are enjoying all that you see in the end zones and sidelines. We are so lucky to wear that block R on our chests, cheer on our Scarlet Knights, and enter into the B1G with all of you. After that field rushing win against Michigan, it is evident that it’s not just the Spirit Program that has been hard at work to get noticed in the Big Ten! Strap on your R-vision goggles, everyone, because this new era of Rutgers athletics is here to stay! We see great things to come in the near future!

Your fellow Scarlet Knight,
Emily Zemlachenko
Senior All-Girl Cheerleader

Michigan Blackout Game, Oct. 4, 2014
(Photo: Emily Heinemann)